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I am an open, non-judging, supportive, and empathic person who listens and wants to understand and help you. Our friends and family might be supportive, but it can be invaluable to have a more objective person who is not invested in a specific outcome for you. Talking with a therapist can also help to preserve relationships with family and friends by providing you a place just for you and reducing the need to get that support from another relationship.

Safe Space

I provide a safe space and time reserved for you to explore your concerns at your own pace. You decide what you want to work on and how quickly or slowly you need to go. I will not push you to talk about something to satisfy my interests as the therapist or to adhere to some arbitrary therapeutic agenda.

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Personalized Care

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I offer personalized care that incorporates your individual needs and values. You are a whole person, not a statistic or data point. Therefore, I integrate multiple therapeutic modalities to help each client. I do not use a template or a manual to treat you like every other client simply because you might present with a concern that looks similar to someone else’s.

You might experience depression or anxiety quite differently than someone else. All too often, people feel that one doctor says one thing, while another doctor or healthcare provider says the opposite. I want you to feel that your entire team is on the same page. Therefore, I collaborate with your other healthcare providers to facilitate an integrated and comprehensive approach to your care.

When you work with me, you work only with me. You do not go through a receptionist, a confusing healthcare system that puts you on hold, or an assistant. My clients are able to reach me personally by email, phone, or text as needed between appointments.