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Let’s talk about your goals, strengths, and struggles. There is no problem too big or too small to be worthy of attention. If you would like to live a more satisfying life and are having difficulty doing so, help is available.

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Although people come to therapy because they are experiencing challenges or struggles, I do not treat my clients like a diagnosis. I often work with Millennials, artists and those in the entertainment industry, older adults, LGBTQ individuals, and those with cognitive concerns and changes of multiple etiologies (including illness, ADHD, head trauma, or neurodegeneration), but enjoy working with adults of all ages and diverse backgrounds to address various concerns, from depressed mood and relationship difficulties to career related stressors and self-esteem struggles. 


For those who require the most privacy and discretion

Most therapy offices have a shared waiting room that requires you to see and interact with numerous other clients, which compromises your privacy. I have a private waiting room exclusively for my clients, which offers you the highest level of privacy and discretion outside of a house call. Additionally, valet parking is available inside the building. Now you can relax before your appointment, knowing that both the time and the space are dedicated only to you.


Your time is valuable. Sometimes you don’t have time to sit in traffic or leave work early to get to therapy. And I don’t think you should have to choose between work and your own self-care. For those who travel or work long hours and are unable to get to my office for an in-person session, secure video sessions are available.

*Some restrictions apply. Ask Dr. Curiel for details.

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